AEG【炭】箱:维系食材【地道】风味 典【匿】【每】【心】【新颖】

" Beng " , [be accompanying] move [resonant] noise, [just] from cropland [face] collect [] [go up] cucumber, [] [heart] antrum [face] [be permeated with] move [a faint fragrance] , [each] [savour] one [tall] , [all] can [impressions] to cucumber [thick] afterbirth [] scamper is cracked, [opulent] taste bud. [novel] feeding capable person is [the eve of the lunar New Year] [feigned] [to] [we] [donate] , [enjoy] [food] most [this] [first] [delicate] , [not merely] be [to] of the tip of the tongue [content with one's lot] , more a kind [to] [character and morals] [career] [footing] . [about] [food] [will tell] , protect [old] be [shelter] its [feigned] [flavor] admirable [choose] . AEG [charcoal] box has an insight into [each] portion [food] [save] [dinkum] [heart] feeling [present] , [all] [conceal] [rich] belong to [conceal] [old] [warm] degree [battle] [wet] [dry] degree, it [respect] [each] portion [novel] [food] [characteristic] change [need] , [by process] [craft] [establish different] , ensure [novel] [be permeated with] [] those who feed capable person [every] [thick] afterbirth [outside] , allow an user [enjoy] to feed capable person [pure] gust, [creation is invented] [novel] [quantity] feeling [career] . MultiSwitch [thick] accuse to protect [dry] change [warm] , [pay with] feed capable person specific [shelter] phlogistic [the intense heat of su【妹妹】er] [ Zuo ] , feed capable person [difficult] [decay] , [down to] [erosion] , [charcoal] box [] become feed material to protect [old] [best] [choose] . [but] [normal] [hot] [conceal] area [acquiesce] [state] [tall] for 0





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